Ukraine Election Tampering – Will Obama Punish Them

According to Politico, the government of the Ukraine actively worked to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 election.  Given President Obama’s repose to alleged Russian attempts at interference, will he take the same tactic against Ukraine for their more open and obvious interference? Hahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah—gasp—HAHAHAHahahahahahahaha Of course not! Sure with Ukraine an actual Ukrainian…

Elites Would Rather You Die In Russia War Than Lose Any Power

All this risk, because Hillary ran a sloppy campaign where she arrogantly assumed that the American people OWED her the job of President and would bow down. The Democrats and Cuckservatives all look at this through a prism that cyber war is not real war, and even it if was they are not the ones personally at risk. They are playing a dangerous game of chicken against Russia with our lives at stake.