Carson and McCabe Truly Put Media Bias and Racism On The Table

The extreme bias shown by the leftist packed media is not really news to anyone. Their ever dwindling trust numbers show that everyone on virtually all sides agree. On the right we protest against their extreme bias and total lack of attempt to even appear to be reasonable. On the left they bemoan the fact that they are not more biased against a person that they so viscerally hate. However, every now and then and interestingPops up that is hard to ignore. Case in point, table purchases by Ben Carson and Andrew McCabe.

When Ben Carson took over as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, he discovered that the dining room table for his office was falling apart and reportedly even dangerous for people to sit on because of damaged chairs. Carson asked his wife to find a new dining room set, which she did. It so happens that the antique said she found cost $31,000. This “shocking” information made it to the fair and balanced media and turned into a minor scandal.

Now look at corrupt former FBI Assistant Director, and husband of a beneficiary of massive Clinton supported Democrat financial contributions, Andrew McCabe. Apparently under his tenure, he spent $70,000 on a single conference table. Not only did the media not report on this scandalous behavior, the department of justice apparently tried to cover it up. They even went to the length of redacting it from text messages that were turned over to Congress, claiming said redactions were related to national security.

So what is the big difference in the way the media is handling it? McCab spent more than double on a single table. The media does not seem to care. Is it because they will viciously attacked anyone with ties to Trump? Or is it racism that a black man like Carson does not deserve something that expensive, while they are fine with white McCabe having something like this? Or is it a combination of the two? Either way it is just more proof of the media’s inability to handle stories without obvious bias.


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