Democrats To Kill 9 Million American Children For Illegal Aliens

In a clear display of their true priorities, Democrats in DC have announced they are willing to see 9 million American children die in a bid to get 800,000 illegal aliens amnesty.  This is being led by Schmuck Schumer and Nasty Pelosi in a bid to hold the lives of American children hostage, or sentence them to die with no medical care.


According the Schumer, Pelosi and their crew of communists in the Democrat Party anything that can cause even the slightest Obamacare change is Republicans killing people by denying coverage or not forcing them to buy it.  In this case, Republicans are funding child healthcare for 6 YEARS to cover 9 million American children through Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).  Democrats will refuse to vote for this unless illegal aliens are granted DACA amnesty.  Sick and dying children will be denied medical care and left to die to allow illegals amnesty by the same logic used by Democrats on other healthcare issues.

Democrats.  Favoring the death of American babies.


3 thoughts on “Democrats To Kill 9 Million American Children For Illegal Aliens

  1. Nice spin. The democrats won’t vote on the wall. What your genius republican Congress did was deliberately attach the CHIP funding to the bill for the wall. Now they are spinning it by saying the Dems won’t vote on CHIP. GENIUS! LOL

    #MAGA #MAGA2018 #MAGA2020 #CHIP #CHIPfunding


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