Middle Age White Guy (Eminem) Embarrasses Himself At BET Awards

If there is anything we know from pop culture, it is that there is nothing more embarrassing that a middle age white guy trying to act young and hip.  Case in point, a 44 year old rich white guy from the midwest rapping about how he does not like President Trump to a bunch of African Americans to show how he is one of them.  In this case, the embarrassing middle age white guy is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, otherwise known as Eminem.


At last nights BET awards Mr Mathers went on a 4 minute rap tirade full of inaccurate liberal cliches against the President.  Marshall’s lyrical gold included lines such as “I’m anti, can’t no government handle a commando/ Your man don’t want it, Trump’s a b**** I’ll make his whole brand go under.”  Now, first of all this does not even rhyme.  I thought that was sort of the point “bustin’ a rhyme.”  Second, this is just lame pandering thinking a predominately black crowd will just love anti-Trump ranting.  Third, “make his whole brand go under?”  Really?  The Trump brand with properties all over the world and the President of the United States versus a 44 year old soccer dad who was a “big deal” over a decade ago.  Sad.


While I am sure Mr Mathers had delusions of grandeur about the impact of his little “rap,” it just looks tired, cliche and worn out.  Pretty much like the whole Eminem persona.  Marshall should stick to PTA meetings and picking up the kids in the carpool line.


PS – Nothing looks more nifty than a pic of an middle age WASP in front of a photo-op for an accused rapist and serial sexual harasser.









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