Hollywood Trash Demonstrate Hate And Division That Creates Culture Of Mass Violence

The mass murder committed by a cowardly sack of crap who I refuse to dignify by naming is a dark stain on our nation.  As with every such mass murder event (though ironically not around horrific inner city murder rates in cities like Chicago) people are asking why this sort of horror not only occurs, but seems to be happening more frequently than ever before.  The Second Amendment has been around since 1791.  The Colt AR-15, the favorite boogeyman on the gun grabbers, has been around since 1964.  So what has changed in the last ten to fifteen years?

To find the answer, just look at the elites and culture makers in the entertainment industry.  No, not the depiction of violence so often blamed.  Look at the people behind the industry.  Look at the executives and celebrities.  Look at the division they encourage.  Look at the hate the spew.  Look how they dehumanize those they disagree with to justify any attacks and hatred.

CBS Executive Counsel and Vice President Hayley Geftman-Gold took to social media to say “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”  CBS fired her to protect themselves, but what does it say about the company culture where a high ranking executive thinks that is acceptable.

Then there is mediocre comedian and milk toast talk show host turned ill informed political activist f-tard wannabe Jimmy Kimmel.  Reciting almost entirely wrong left wing “information” Kimmel displayed pictures of GOP lawmakers saying “They should be praying. They should be praying for God to forgive them.”  Very responsible considering that this year a leftist Bernie-bro attempted to assassinate Republican lawmakers at baseball practice.  The last time this imbecile did something this irresponsible it was letting his slimy and disgusting ex Sarah Silverman abuse him with a strap on.

Speaking of stupid and talentless, Lena Dunham jumped in with her cliche spi n on race and sex saying  “It’s about gender & race as well as access to guns.” Disagree and you are just a racist and sexist gun toting blood thirsty murderer.

Let’s also never forget Democratic party leader Hillary Clinton labeling her opposition as racist and sexist “deplorables.”  

Why do these events happen more? Because the left has built a culture that celebrates demonizing and dehumanizing others.  When you cease to see others as human, it becomes easy to justify any horror.  When you feel nothing matters but your hatred and impulses, there is nothing to stop you from committing atrocities.


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