Roger Stone To Give Congressional Morons A Spanking Today

UPDATED 2:00 PM EST – Here is a copy of Stones opening statement.


Roger Stone is finally set to testify before Congress today in their Fake News “investigation” into alleged and unsubstantiated Russian election interference.  The pathetic wimps have canceled and delayed in the past but are finally backed into a corner.

No doubt the Republican firebrand will take these dishonest and sniveling losers to the woodshed.  Mr Stone recently tweeted “Never pass up a chance to have sex, be on television or testify before a House Congressional Committee.”  This hearing will give the last one, and will likely be such a thorough spanking as to be almost as good as the first.  It is not to be televised to protect wimps like Democrat asshat  Rep. Adam Schiff from their shame being made public and not allowing television.

Roger Stone

Roger J. Stone Jr., an advisor for President Donald J. Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, speaks to members of the conservative group America First inside the Marriott in Boca Raton, Fla., on Tuesday, Mar. 21, 2017. Stone defended himself over contacts he had with Russia-linked hackers during the 2016 election. (Michael Ares / The Palm Beach Post via AP)

As a preview, Mr Stones strategy for today is to “…systematically go through the exact words of every committee member. I will take their exact words and I will shove them down their throats.  I will prove that they have knowingly lied.”  Congress is so scared that not only are they not allowing cameras, they also do not plan to release the full transcript.  As Stone accurately summed up, “They won’t open this to the press, and they won’t release the transcript.  You have to wonder what are they trying to hide from the American people.”  I am sure pencil necked liar Schiff has already peed his pants a little this morning in fear.

Congress should remember that degenerate liars that live in glass houses should not throw stones.  Today this Stone is going to shatter their house of lies.


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