Confused Hillary Supports Black Men Kneeling – Thought They Said Bring To Heel

As everybody on the four corners of the global has heard by now, President Trump criticized the overpaid NFL prima donnas who kneel for the national anthem to protest… something… they aren’t sure…. but it is important!  Over indulged babies of all races have participated in this despicable display of anti-American sentiment while collection mullion dollar pay checks.  Hillary Clinton only sees black people and feels anything said must be racist.  For that reason she is criticizing Trumps comments as racist because that is how she sees the world.

I think Hillary is just confused.  The don’t think she understands this is about kneeling in disrespect of our flag and country.  Hillary probably thought people want to bring black men to heel.  After all, that is what she has said about black men.  Hillary has called black men “super predators” and claimed that “we have to bring them to heel.”  Trump never mentioned race.  Hillary only sees in those terms.  Everything must be about those blacks in her racist world view.


So who really is the racist?  The man who wants respect shown to our flag and our nation?  Or the woman who sees everything about black people and their desire to kneel after they have been brought to heel?





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