NFL Defends Player’s NAZI Salute During Anthem

Of course the headline is total BS. The NFL would never dream of supporting a player or players who would do something as insulting and disparaging.  Such a gesture would obviously be done by and ignorant asshole trying to offend the majority of the country.  So why does the NFL defend players disgusting anti-police and anti-American displays kneeling for the national anthem?

This is not about “Freedom of Speech.”  It is about the left using Social Justice to divide the nation and a bunch of over paid useful idiots wanting to look smart with no clue what they claim to be protesting about.  This is the same NFL that threatened players with fines last year for wearing cleats commemorating 9-11.  Freedom of speech only applies when it is from the rabid and anti-american left.  Meanwhile, the closet thing these players do to supporting the community is through the many child support payments they are legally obligated to make their multiple baby mommas.


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