Corrupt CNN Now Threatens Trump Supporters and #FakeNews Haters

Over the weekend President Trump posted a meme to Twitter depicting him fighting with a “man” with the CNN logo for a face.  This follows #FakeNews CNN retracting a fake story attacking a Trump surrogate and dumping 3 staffers associated with the fake slam story.  donald-trump-shares-wrestlemania-meme-of-him-tackling-cnn

At first Fake News CNN responded with typical whining.  This meme will encourage violence against the media.  The meme is not presidential.  Blah Blah.  Boo Hoo.

Then CNN crossed a line and stepped things up to a TRULY dangerous level.

CNN admitsFakeNews reporter and Media Mega-Corp Mafia Enforcer Andrew Kaczynski CNN tracked down the anonymous meme creator known only as HanAssholeSolo on Reddit.  This “brave” reporter tracked down the mans personal information and contacted him directly.  HanAssholeSolo responded to this intimidation by posting an apology online before even speaking to CNN.  He then called them to apologize further.  In CNN’s corrupt eyes this is all fine and OK.  Lyin’ CNN is constantly complaining about protecting the First Amendment and a free press  simply because the White House calls them out on their bullshit and does not kiss their ass.  Apparently they do not think freedom of speech applies to the bloody peasants outside the media who do things like make memes that hurt their feelings.

Next CNN posted a brag that they were able to use the force of a multi-billion dollar corporation to intimidate a citizen.  In addition they added the threat that if he ever makes them angry again they will release his information anyway.

CNN threat


For those of you NOT fully understanding of internet behavior and slang, this is called “doxing.”  Doxing is basically defined as searching for and publishing private or identifying information on the Internet.  In this case CNN searched for an anonymous Reddit user and is now trying to blackmail this regular person into submission.  This is even more interesting since both Twitter and Facebook have specific policies against doxing.  This raises the question of whether these social media companies should ban CNN and Andrew Kaczynski.  Of course they will not.  In their eyes there is no issue for a like minded corporation and one of its minions suppressing and attacking the general public.






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