Left Fails To See Their End Game Ousting Trump Would Cause Greatest Failure Of All

Remember WAY BACK before the election when Democrats and their boot licking toady accomplices in the brain dead liberal media predicted that Trump supporters would become an unruly mob if he lost the election.  We Remember.The-Week-Very-Weak

Back then their leftist propaganda was to spread fear that we would claim the election was stolen and lash out.  Even magazine covers pictured angry mobs rising up.

Instead, President Trump won an historic victory over the corrupt puppet of leftist special interests Hillary Clinton.  The only rioting was from Democrats and the left.  Leftist filth have continued to step up the violence against Trump supporters and any who simply wish to use their free speech rights to express an opinion counter to their own.  They have lowered the level of discourse by doubling down on cries of racism, insults and thrown in violence as a chaser.  They call others fascist while employing the tactics of violence, disinformation and intimidation used by the real Nazis.

Now they drum up fake charges based on nonsense attributed to made up anonymous sources.  A corrupt media full of unearned self importance and outrage over their growing irrelevance pushes head long with their Democrat Party accomplices in a push to have the duly elected President delegitimized and impeached.

What do they think will happen if they win?  As they push their corrupt banana republic plan to undermine the very fabric of our nation simply because they were denied what they want, do they suddenly expect the masses to obey?  Do they expect the MILLIONS of Americans who they once claimed would riot if we lost a fair election to turn a blind eye to the partisan fascist corruption they now engage in?

Or, is it a more likely scenario that they will finally split the county in two?  Not just metaphorically but literally.   Will their hatred from the people they are meant to serve finally push Americans to rise up as our forefathers did in 1776 and finally cast off the corrupt elitists who feel entitled to rule us.







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