BREAKING: Car Rams Crowd, Injures 10 in New York’s Times Square – PHOTOS

Update 12:50 – Bloomberg reporting 1 dead and as many as 20 possibly injured.

Update 12:46 – ABC 7 News in New York reporting driver is a Bronx man in his 20’s with 2 prior DuIs and other motor vehicle violations. 1 dead, 12 injured.

Update 12:44 – AP reporting that driver is being tested for alcohol.

Update 12:38 – CBS News is reporting that NYPD says this is not act of terror.  May be case of DUI.

Update 12:31 – Fox News reporting New York Fire Department listing total at 13 injured.


Update 12:28 – Photo of man being taken into custody

Update 12:25 – One report on social media claims there may be one fatality.  Witnesses allegedly claim vehicle ran onto sidewalk driving against traffic

Original text and photos below:

A speeding vehicle ran into crowds in New York’s Time’s Square.  Initial reports have 10 people injured.  The driver was allegedly taken into custody.

No word on the cause as of yet.  Given that tactics like this have been used for terror in Europe, hopefully that is not the case here.


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