Enough Of Leftist Cucks and #Resist – Time To Stand Up and #Defend

Encouraged by power hungry and narcissistic leaders, the mindless followers of the left have grabbed on to the their slogan #Resist in their opposition to President Trump and their desire to drag the country into chaos.  You must admit that “Resist” does sound better that “bitch like a spoiled child that you did not get what you want” or even “I am too lazy to think for myself so I will mindlessly scream at the top of my lungs whatever I have been told to believe.”  Those are both also WAY too long for a catchy #hashtag.  We must realize what it REALLY is that these pathetic idiots truly want to #Resist and rise up on our own to #Defend America.

They #RESIST accepting a free and fair election.

They tried to #RESIST the will of the American people as laid out in our Constitution by influencing Electors to vote against President Trump in conflict with the votes cast.

They #RESIST free expression of speech instead employing fascist tactics of violence to intimidate.

They #RESIST accepting their loss, instead clinging to conspiracy supported by no fact.

They #RESIST the trust, instead relying on a corrupt media obsessed with their own power and delusion sense of grandeur where they feel they are above being questioned.

They #RESIST true “equality,” instead denouncing those who disagree with them as not “really” gay, black, or latin as opposed to accepting that freedom to think for yourself is the truest equality.

They #RESIST America’s exceptionalism by adopting a mindless and ill informed revisionist view that finds racism, hatred and evil in all that has made this country great.

They #RESIST open and honest debate using made up concepts like micro-aggressions and triggers to label all opposition as racist and hate speech to shut down discussion.

They #RESIST attempts to fix a poorly conceived and failing government take over of the healthcare system instead insisting on “free” hand outs and do so by threatening elected representatives and disrupting meetings.


They #RESIST law and order and instead insult and assault police for protecting the American people

They #RESIST preserving and protecting the jobs and rights of those Americans who livelihoods are threatened by a flow of cheap illegal labor.

They #RESIST reason by demanding “impeachment” at every unsubstantiated claim.  Regardless of whether such claims even meet a standard for such a serious charge.

They #RESIST caring about the damage they inflict on this country, instead focusing on their self indulgent temper tantrums and fake news attacks because they did not get what they want.


Now it is our time stop this madness.  Not only does the left want undermine this great nation today, but if we let them succeed now they will only be emboldened to do more.  If they win now they will become more aggressive.  They will continue to undermine and destroy America until there is nothing left.  They will leave our once great nation a shell full of misery and suffering until we crumble like every other socialist”utopia.”


We must #Defend the President who has been duly elected.

We must #Defend the platform President Trump was elected for that provides for fair trade, a growing economy and healthcare based on market principles.

We must #Defend our First Amendment right to free speech.  A right to ALL speech by ALL people.

We must #Defend real equality that allows every American to pursue whatever dreams and goals they set their hearts, minds and energies on achieving.

We must #Defend the constitutional concept of a fair and limited government that provides liberty to all Americans.

We must #Defend the truth, holding the media and politicians accountable for lies meant to undermine the country to build their own wealth and power.

We must #Defend the exceptionalism that is America from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

We must #Defend those Americans who will be the true victims of illegal immigration and lawlessness.

We must #Defend our nation, our values and our futures.

In normal times those of us on the right are reluctant to stand up, stand out and fight.  These are not normal times.  We must rise to this occasion and #Defend or President and our country.  If we do not do it now, there will be noting left to #Defend.  Every time they hold up a sign and use a hashtag to #Resist, match them with #Defend and show that the real resistance is to their corrupt tyranny.  Make #Defend the label that opposes them as we rise up to save what is ours for both ourselves and our posterity.



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