Milo Schools NBC’s Today Show on Free Speech

Milo is officially back and just as brave, bold and fabulous as ever.  On May 5 Milo hosted his “Cinco de Milo” event to announce his return at a wild party in his new home base of Miami.  Now he is moving back into the mainstream media and taking a stand in the firestorm over the left’s growing suppression of free speech.

NBC’s Today Show featured a segment discussing how the left has spun out of control on college campuses in their fascist desire to suppress any speech that they disagree with.  Of course the crew at National Broadcast Cucks went light on the violence and destruction these repugnant leftists use to intimidate others into towing their line and violating free speech rights of others.  They even feature one greasy haired UC Berkley student to explain how they are just opposed to hate speech.  No requirement to justify “hate” except that spoiled and pretentious morons on the left feel that anybody or anything they “hate” should be silenced.

Of course there was far more genius of Milo that never made the story.  Below is a complete video taken of the whole interview.  Given the outstanding camera work I assume the person recording was either hiding their camera from NBC, or still wasted from a night out partying with Yiannopoulos.

The right to free speech exists because of the need to protect controversial and challenging speech.  Even if there was such a thing as hate speech, which is just a pointless term made up by the left to justify their actions, that would be the EXACT type of speech that would need protecting.

Milo is needed now more than ever to serve as a public face to lead the fight against those who wish to erode the free speech rights that are the cornerstone of our American liberties.  One one hand deep, thoughtful and reflective while on the other brash, outrageous and controversial Milo displays all the characteristics needed to lead a fight like this.





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