OK – The Left Have Officially Lost Their Freaking Minds

The newest example of the left losing their minds is the most ridiculous yet.  After the recent Presidential Election, Democrats and the Left focused on a brand of identity politics that labeled any and all opposition as “racist.”  Not supporting an old white lady who one described young black men as “super predators” who needed to be “brought to heel” made YOU the racist one.  Go figure.  Now, the old fashioned “OK” sign is a signal of white supremacy in their warped and hate soaked brains.

Above are just a few examples of the left branding the symbol as a sign of racism when made by conservatives.  Lacking any sort of intelligent justification for this recent freak out, the best that many on the left could come up with was to blame a cartoon frog.  Since they came rushing to the defense of Hillary when she tried to claim that Pepe the frog is an exclusive symbol of white supremacists, now anything tied to this poor amphibian is racist.  One variation of Pepe, also known as smug Pepe, has him making the OK sign.  Thus in liberal logic any use of the OK sign ties to a white supremacist cartoon frog, and any link to said frog is also racist.


Desperate to add respectability to their insane claims, the left then tried to claim that this is backed up by the Anti-Defamation league.  The only problem with that is, the ADL shows a 2 hand sign that looks nothing like the old fashioned OK sign.wp

Of course, lots of people use the OK sign.  Interestingly, if you watch public speakers it appears to be common to make this symbol wile speaking and making a point of emphasis as well.  Either that or we are to believe that both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are also throwing white power hand signs.  Bill cannot be part of the white power movement because he is too busy sexually assaulting women (allegedly) to attend Klan meetings.  At best, Obama can only be half white supremacist.

The REAL root of this was a troll launched on 4Chan in February to bombard members of the media with the false fact that the OK sign was a white supremacist signal.  People even created fake Twitter handles to create the impression that this was an increasingly common problem.  This slowly gained notice in the media, culminating with outright accusations of racism against people for simply making the OK sign.  In a tweet pictured above one idiot on the left even acknowledges this planned hoax, but claims that this is all part of a complex plot to plant the idea that this is a gag in the media so that its use of a white power symbol can be denied.

All this shows that the left is spinning further and further out of control.  With no intellectual arguments they are forced to make up fake news to smear their opponents and try to silence them.  One can only hope this continues so that in the near future nobody takes them seriously.

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PRogressive racist


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