Idiot Arrested After Spraying Swastikas On Own House AND Lying He Is Jewish – Another of MANY Hate Hoaxes

Source: The Gateway Pundit



Summary:  Yet ANOTHER “Hate Crime” that leftists blame on President Trump and his supporters has been proven (predictably) to be a lie.  This time not only did the man paint swastikas on his own house, apparently he even lied about being Jewish!  This is not exactly unique.  Here is a sample of OTHER hate crime hoaxes:

  • Juan Thompson, a left-wing journalist was arrested for making a string of threats to Jewish community centers. Thompson, who is black, claimed he was being framed by a “racist white girl” and tried to blame it on an ex-girlfriend.
  • A Muslim woman at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette lied that she was attacked and had her hijab ripped off.
  • Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani in Cary, N.C., says that he planned to leave the United States after an Islamophobic assault on his son.  He also claims harassment by pro-Trump neighbors. School officials say there is no evidence his son was ever attacked.
  • A gay man in Santa Monica claimed to have been assaulted by Trump supporters.   Police looking into the claim say the attack seems not to have happened.
  • A homeowner in San Francisco raised a swastika flag turned out to be a Trump opponent.
  • A Texas man burned his car and motorcycle and spray-painted with “n—-r lover” on his garage. His wife later revealed that her husband did it.
  • A “white supremacist” was arrested for the infamous burned-down black church which had “Vote Trump” written on it turned out to be a black man.
  • Another black “white supremacist” in South Philly was arrested for “Black Bitch”and “Trump Rules” graffiti.
  • A muslim young lady was arrested for fabricating a story about an attack by racists on a NYC subway yelling “Donald Trump”
  • Another Muslim young lady from Ann Arbor, MI fabricated a story of a Trump supporter threatening that he’d burn the hijab off of her if she didn’t take it off.
  • Yet another the brown “white supremacist” arrested for writing KKK and swastikas at Nassau community college:
  • At Bowling Green student was arrested after falsely claiming she was attacked and taunted with racial slurs by MAGA-gear wearing Trump supporters.  Another student there was also caught making up a story about a robbery and derogatory slur
  • A black man in Malden near Boston claimed he was forced to run for his life after being threatened with lynching, chased, and told that “It’s Trump country now.”  He later admitted he made it up.
  • A  woman claimed she was threatened at a gas station with a gun by Trump supporters, but never contacted police and has now deleted her accusation.
  • Williams College students  admitted they wrote KKK graffiti and dumped fake blood in a church to bring attention to protest the election.
  • North Park University said that a bi-sexual student made up hateful pro-Trump messages.
  • An Elon University hate message “Bye bye latinos hasta la vista” turned out to be to be written by a Latino student who was upset about the results of the election and defended the hoax as a “satirical commentary.”



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