Together We Fight To Take Back Our Country And Make America Great Again

Electing Donald Trump as President was an amazing chance for Americans to start to take back our out of control government.  The key however is the word “start.”  The challenge now lies in two arenas.  The corrupt swamp dwelling bureaucrat leaches are lashing out and fighting to maintain their turf.  On the other side, Democrats and the leftist who seek to be controlled and provided for like clueless children are having collective hissy fits.  They are all fighting back to maintain the culture of dependency that they love either because they crave the control (DC) or are weak and pathetic (Democrats and Leftists).  Now we must stand up again and fight back.  Here are two ways showing that is happening.

This week the NRA launched the #CounterResistance.  Today at CPAC Wayne LaPierre has committed to provide more information.  There is no group more driven and motivated than the NRA in this country.  With their resources and skills combined with our numbers together we can fight and win.

Another great start with the the Make America Great Again March being organized for this coming March 25th.  This is a grassroots organization that started on Facebook.  This is a great way to show all across the United States that we will not sit back and watch those desperate to maintain their dependency to rule the rest of us.


I recommend joining both of these.  Send me links and information on other groups or marches and I will gladly post them here as well.

Together we started a movement to take back our country and Make America Great Again.

Together we will make it happen.





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