Dems Say Trump’s Business Revenue Impeachable Offense – Ignore Obama and Others

Democrats are complete and total idiots.  As they run around in a blind screaming hissy fit over losing the Presidential Election, they are increasingly sounding and acting as if they do not have even a remote handle on reality.  They are spewing whatever pops to the top of their head, with no thought, like it is a set fact.  They do not think, they just react.  In other words, to quote a phrase, they are “going full retard.”  Key among this is their screams for impeachment.  No two morons are wailing louder and going more completely “full retard” than Maxine “Ethics Investigation” Waters and Keith “Allahu Akbar” Ellison.


So desperate for attention are Democrats like Ellison, that he even used his desperate desire to impeach Trump as part of his plea to get to elected to lead the failing mess that is the Democrat Party.  Not how to fix problems in American and provide prosperity, just lots of bitching about losing.  One of the moronic claims Dems are making is that Trump’s businesses cause him to be in violation of the foreign-emoluments clause in the Constitution.  This obscure clause is in Article I, Section 9, clause number 8 and states”… no person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under [the United States], shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office or Title of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.”  Trump has turned over all operations to his children.  However these losers claim that anybody staying in a Trump hotel from a foreign country violates this clause because Trump stands to make money off that stay.  Now, anybody other than a complete inbred stooge would see that this clause is referring to direct gifts, compensation or titles.  Obviously staying in a hotel does not do this.  President Trump does not personally receive your credit card payment for every room night.  Any money he makes is contingent on, among other things, the hotel selling enough nights to make a profit of which he gets a piece.

If somebody staying in a hotel that Trump has an ownership stake in is enough to violate the clause, then there are many others who are likewise were not legitimate Presidents.  Let’s start with the most worshiped god of the Democrat cult of stupidity.

His Grace Barack of the House Obama, Second of His Name, King of the United States and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm made $10.8 million dollars while President.  Pretty staggering for a man who never really accomplished anything in his life other than being elected.  Of that $10.8 million, $7.5 million was from sales of his horrible books.  This is pretty impressive considering these bound volumes of toilet paper are so old.  Dreams From My Father was originally released in 1995 and The Audacity of Hope was released in 2006.  It is pretty damn impressive for a book like DFMF to be an over decade old narcissistic screed of self importance and still sell over $4.5 million.  How do we know how much of these were bought by foreign nationals?  Some of them may have even been bulk purchases to funnel funds to Obama.  The book is available in 26 foreign languages!   Most of those came out AFTER he was President!  This is obviously a devious plot to violate the foreign-emoluments clause. These books are total crap so anybody buying them must be doing it for nefarious purposes.

Of course Obama is not the the only person to have income from other sources while in office.  A great example is Jimmy Carter was not just a peanut farmer, he  owned an extensive farm supply and warehousing business.  Like Trump he had this business put in trust to be run by others but did not sell it off.

Now granted, these two are destined to be known as the worst Presidents in US history so they may be bad examples.  To show that the foreign-emoluments clause was not intended to make sure we never had a successful business person in the White House, we can look at two of our Founding Fathers.  Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had extensive plantation businesses.  Many of their crops were grown for export.  That means foreign people bought them.  

So, to sum up…. Democrats are stupid.  Sit down.  Shut up.  Enjoy the next 8 years.





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