NRA Launches #CounterResistance To Fight Trump Attackers

I am a proud member of the NRA.  If you are not a member, let me suggest you change that ASAP.  If their constant advocacy for 2nd Amendment rights is not enough, their willingness to fight for President Trump should be.

During the election, the NRA gave an unprecedented earlier endorsement of candidate Donald Trump.  Seeing the constant erosion of ALL rights and the disregard for the safety  and security of American citizens shown by 8 years of President Obama, they new it was time to stand and fight.

Now those same elites who sit in gated communities, behind armed guards, with money
to burn to ensure that they have anything they could want or need continue to attack Trump as he fights for the forgotten men and women of America.  Elites continue to sell out America for profit.  Others grovel at their feet begging for1024px-national_rifle_association-svg free handouts from the
government.  Tuesday the NRA announced that they are not backing down in their support of the President and America, and are instead stepping up the fight with a new #CounterResistance.  NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said in a statement that “Already, the forces that conspired to keep Donald Trump out of the White House are coming together to sabotage his administration.  Donald Trump will need every ounce of energy we can muster and he has no more powerful ally than the NRA.”  At Friday’s CPAC, Mr. LaPierre will unveil more of the plan to organize so that we can resist and fight the forces set on stripping our rights,  safety and future prosperity to bow down to elitists and globalists.

The time is now to take our stand.

See the new video here:


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