Slurs and Threats Aren’t Racist If It Is From Tolerant Left

This past election was a battle between the America we want, and a group of backward racists who use threats and insults at to put down and control minorities.  The two sides are not exactly what the corrupt media present them as.  If you want to see real racism and violence, look at Hillary Supporters and the Tolerant Left.  The past week has had two great examples.

There have been only 10 African Americans serve in the United States Senate.  One of these is Senator Tim Scott.  Scott is also the first black from South Carolina to serve in the Senate.  Last week he read some of the racist hate spewed at him by the left during a speech on the Senate floor.  Highlights include “You are a disgrace to the black race,” and, “He doesn’t have a shred of honor, He’s a ‘house negro.’”  Out of respect for the fact that he was speaking to the Senate, Scott left out all the ones that used the “N” word.  He then followed up by saying “You see what I’m surprised by, just a smidgen, is that the liberal left that speaks and desires for all of us to be tolerant, do not want to be tolerant of anyone that disagrees with where they are coming from. So the definition of tolerance isn’t that all Americans experience a full level of tolerance, it’s that all Americans that agree with them experience this so-called tolerance.”  That is the left.  An accomplished man and member of the US Senate is reduced to racial slurs by Democrats because he dares think differently while being black.  Isn’t that the REAL racism to demand that African Americans cannot be free, but must instead only think and act a certain way?

Then there is last night’s Grammy awards.  I admit I had never heard of Joy Villa until last night, and do not know much about her even today.  All I really know at thisjoyvilla2 point is that she is a singer, she pulls of a skin tight dress VERY well, and she has triggered all kinds of leftist rage.  First there are the predictable violent comments and threats like “ATTACK!! KILL HER!! THROW HER IN A CAMP…FOR ADULTS!!,” while MANY simply said “die.” Then there is basic racism with “Here’s the coon with the Trump dress. I’m truly outdone,” “idk who you are, but it’s definitely fuck your coon, attention seeking ass,” “‘You went coon and plantation’ and fell to your knees for white daddy. I hope them butter biscuits were well worth it #bedwench,” “Joy Villa gets coon of the year award and no one can tell me different. Selling your soul for some album sales????” and finally “nigga you from Canada. Go ride a moose.”  Then the party of feminism goes for sexism and misogyny with hits like “You DUMB SLUT! With less than 15k followers you’ll do joyvilla1anything for attention. You STUPID BITCH! Should’ve fixed your NAPPY hair!,” “fucking HO!!!,” and “Who is this cunt Joy Villa!? She wore this to the Grammys.” Finally, there was a lot of gratuitous “F” bombs with comments like “first off who the fuck is joy villa and second fuck her” and “whoever you are ..Fuck you and your president.”  These were just a few highlights.

That is just two examples in less than a week.  The election of Donald Trump as President has truly caused the left to become unhinged.  In the process they are spinning out of control and showing their TRUE selves.  Riots.  Assault.  Threats.  Racism.  For the party that once affiliated with the KKK and filibustered the civil rights act, this is not a change.  It is more Democrats getting back to their roots.








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