Accused Baby Killer Casey Anthony Protests Trump

My momma always told me that people judge you by the company you keep.  That seems surprisingly accurate of the anti-Trump protesters.  By that I mean, they are all scumbags with no moral compass just looking to scream, bitch, and destroy.

The Anti-Trump Women’s march on DC featured such human filth as felon Donna Hylton who helped kidnap a man and torture him to death, along with Linda Sarsour who is pro Sharia Law, has ties to Hamas and defends Saudi Arabia and is repression of women under Sharia Law.

At the inauguration, as well as several demonstrations to silence conservatives on university campuses, rioters keep showing up.  Democrats INSIST this people are “anarchists” and “black block” that have nothing to do with them.  Oddly these dirt bags do not show up for OTHER peoples rallies, just Democrats.  It must just be a coincidence.  A coincidence that has been going on as long as Trump was running for office.  A coincidence that James O’Keefe caught Democrats bragging on video that they organized.caseyanthonytrumped4caseyanthonytrumped3

Now, showing the high caliber of bottom feeders that protest Trump, Casey Anthony was out in Palm Beach over the weekend marching against the President.

In case you have forgotten, Casey is sort of a poster girl for an alternative angle for the pro choice crowd.  Forget which trimester should be the limit for killing a baby.  Casey “allegedly” did it with her two year old.  Despite all the evidence, he attorney got her off .

Then this class act was “alleged” to have paid for her legal bill with sex.

So, yeah she is a Democrat poster child.caseyanthonytrumped1







Violent anarchists, murders, radical Islamic extremists.  If the “diversity” at Democrat marches is any indication, this is not what American needs.




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