Start Draining The Swamp Here: Democrat Senators Refusing To Do Their Job

On Tuesday Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee stalled the confirmations of Steven Mnuchin and Tom Price, President Trump’s picks for Secretary of Treasury and Secretary of Health and Human Services.  They did it by acting like their leftist voters, the refused to work and skipped the committee hearing.

Let’s be clear… there is nothing they can do to stop these nominees from moving on.  All they are doing is cause delays in a fit of partisan pouting.  All the end result can be is damage to the country as departments go without leadership.They are putting party above the country and above the voters in their home states that sent them and Trump to DC and want results not cry babies.

On that committee are BUNCH of Democrats in states that President Trump won.  They are also all up for re-election in 2018.  They are:

Why wait for Congress to act to Drain The Swamp?  We can vote these partisan losers out in 2018 and start the process.  Hit them on their social media.  Let others know that it is time for them to go.


7 thoughts on “Start Draining The Swamp Here: Democrat Senators Refusing To Do Their Job

  1. Some of the DEMOCRET dead heads a GOOD KICK IN THE BUTT and put out on the street,they need to learn what going on in the BIG BAD WORLD


  2. Absolutely no Democrats no McCain Graham either no Debbie all Republican for me I hope the rest of the country will watch in any election in their area no Democrats at all


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