Starbucks Won’t Help Refugees At Home – No Starbucks In Their Countries

If you are like me, you are under the impression that there is literally no place that you can escape the cancer of over priced yet mediocre coffee that is Starbucks.  At the center of this scourge on humanity lies left leaning and oh-so pretentious Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.  Schultz has now given the left a giant collective woody with his promise to hire 10,000 refugees.  Never mind the existing homeless and unemployed left after 8 disastrous years of Obama.  Refugees are hot, hip and cool now.


Now you may ask yourself, “Why not provide more Starbucks jobs for the refugees back home?”  The answer is simple.  There is at least ONE reason to want to move to Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria or Yemen.  No Starbucks! ( )

If Howie really cares about helping people, why not toss up a couple locations to help these suffering people.  Help rebuild their economies.  Then they too can have dead end jobs pouring coffee to hipsters while acting condescending.  I bet you can even get some great deals on real estate right now i places like Aleppo.


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