Why We March To Make America Great Again

I have written several times about a new group organizing a nationwide “Make America Great Again March.”  (Support a New March for President Trump , and Continuing Support For President Trump – The Make America Great Again March)  I have been pushing links to the Facebook group itself (https://www.facebook.com/groups/556358777891382/) on top of my blog posts.  In posting on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter I have had a few people wonder why we need a march.  Here are my thoughts in response to the main questions that have been raised.  (Just an FYI, I am in no way affiliated with the group. I just believe VERY strongly in the cause.)


We are the “Silent Majority,” we don’t march 

Maybe that used to be true, but Republicans also did not used to turn out by the tens of thousands for high-energy political rallies either.  As a candidate, President Trump changed that.  I personally attended a packed arena here in Ft Lauderdale, a city that is over 60% Democrat and repeatedly sends the national embarrassment that is Debbie Wasserman Schultz back to Congress every two years.  0da220fd-c180-4dfd-b3e7-05756cec933f(1)

This activism in many ways started with the Tea Party movement.  As the Obama Administration increasingly proved to be tone deaf to the people, Americans rose up both locally and in DC to protest.  They also proved that while our side may be slow to anger and reluctant to engage, when we do we are unstoppable.  In the next election the Democrats suffered a crushing defeat and lost control of the House of Representatives, stunning the DC and media elites for the first time.

I also tribute Andrew Breitbart with the change.  Breitbart showed that the old way of Republicans watching quietly by as Democrats hurled insults was not the only way.  We could engage them, and win.

We already see a biased “news” media and Hollywood self appointed elite trying to do everything they can to undermine the President.  The media continues to either lie or very selectively report on “facts.”  Celebrities continue to use a podium we have mistakenly given them to pray on the weak minded who blindly follow them.

As we proved in the election, enough is enough.  We can be silent no longer.

I gave my support, I voted

Yes you did.  We all did.  Together we proved that the American people will no longer let ourselves be forgotten by the DC and media elites who pander to us when we are needed, and degrade us when we are not.  However, that is just the start.

As I stated above, the movement that President Trump started has risen up with one unified voice like never before.  With the President at the for front we have shown the world that we will not be ignored.  Those that has ignored and degraded us in the past have not given up.  They are lashing out with more anger and viciousness than ever before because they see they are failing and losing their control over us.  Now is not the time to step back and let that happen.  We must stand up again and remind them that this is that this is not their country alone.

These marches are also not just a DC demonstration, but will be held all over the country.  Support the one closest to you and show that your vote was not a one time thing, but something that truly counts.

I’m a Republican, I have a job and responsibilities

That is why these marches will be in cities all over America, just like President Trumps rallies.  Imagine if we can have tens of thousands of Americans standing up all across the country.  There is no reason that EVER city that hosted one of President Trumps massive rallies can not have the same turn out on a Saturday scheduled months in advance to show we will not be silenced.

The “Make American Great Again March” is about thousands of Americans waving American flags and showing that the corrupt liberal media and out of touch celebrities do NOT speak for the American people. This America First group is marching to promote that our cause is unity, peace through strength, love of our country, love and prosperity for ALL Women and Men, and all of those forgotten by the coastal elites.  This is about standing up and showing our support will NEVER waiver for President Trump, all while honoring our military and first responders. This is our chance to prove that we have spoken, but we will not be going away.  We will be here, and we will be waiting with open arms as others see American grow stronger and more prosperous every day.  We will accept them to our cause, unlike the others who seek to label those they disagree with as “Deplorable” and spew profanity and hate.

If you have not joined the Facebook group do it NOW at https://www.facebook.com/groups/556358777891382/.  Now is our time, and it is just the beginning.







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