President Trump Freezes Federal Staff – Media Jumps To Lies While Bureaucrats Threaten Treason

As promised, yesterday President Trump used his first working day in office to begin draining the swamp.  One of his first executive actions was to sign a hiring freeze to stop the growth of the already out of control bureaucracy.  As expected the corrupt media has jumped to say that this cannot be done as they seek to protect friends in the bloated and unresponsive mess of DC government.  The government employees themselves appear to be threatening just short of treason.


First is the media claiming that all the agencies will do is add more contract workers.  They argue that contract workers cost more, so it is a bad idea.  Better to hire Federal Union employees that cannot be fired.  They seem to argue that all you can do is grow the bloated staff, never decrease.  First of all, the “fact” that contract employees have to cost more is ridiculous.  I do not doubt that the ineffective government DOES pay much more right now but that is because they do not care how much they spend.  It is a free market and the government can pay as much, or little, as they want to offer.  People who need jobs will decide what to take.  They also neglect to mention that President Trump has already made sure his executive order does not allow for the agencies to cheat and try that.  freeze.png

Even more damning is the claim in Politico that the government agencies may try to damage the government in revenge.  If true, this shows how out of control the government has been allowed to become.  This ends the myth of the hard working civil servant dedicated to making their country better, and shows their true colors are entitled and lazy.  To intentionally damage the government is nothing shy of treason.  Apparently Politico thinks this should show us their power and how we should fear and respect them.  It makes me want to take up my 2nd Amendment rights and start over.

This is just the beginning of a long and bumpy ride.  President Trump will need all of us to support him.



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