Liberal Media Herd Show Their Bias In Inauguration And Protest Reporting

If you are like me, you were disgusted by much of the coverage of the Trump inauguration this past weekend.  Unwilling to bend in any way shape or form from their past bias, the media rushed to latch on to anything they could even attempt to turn into a negative.  Their showed their usual bias and hatred for anybody NOT a left leaning elitist jack ass.donald-melania-ball

First, I found myself watching on Friday night the coverage of the various balls.  To see what was being said on both sides I made the painful mistake of checking out CNN for a bit.  They mentioned President Obama and his inauguration parties so much I would have thought it was another one of his (which I am sure they would have preferred).

Then there is the much disputed crowd size and viewership.

The media began pushing pictures of the alleged crowd size before people were even all set to watch.  One thing they chose to ignore is that the Trump crowds were much slower to assemble than in past years.  This is for 2 main reasons.  First, security was a butt load more intense.  Recent terror attacks around the world have made check points need to be much more formidable and strictly enforced.  The media also chose to almost entirely ignore protesters trying to block access through these check points either delaying entry or denying it all together.  Between tighter security and people unable to get in due to entitled little pricks a real number may never be possible.  TrumpCrowd.jpg

Next is viewership.  The struggling main stream media only pointed to TV viewership.  The internet age is ravishing their once prominent media outlets, so they chose this as a time to totally ignore them.   Television coverage of President Trump’s inauguration reached an average total of 30.6 million viewers across the 12 broadcast and cable news networks.  The media lackeys were quick to point out that this was about 18% down from the viewers for Obama’s inauguration in 2009.  At the same time, the Washington Times says that online viewership hit record levels this year.  Intent to only provide the negative, the fact that this is increasingly how people consume media has been ignored instead of combining the two sets of data for a TRUE viewership.

While the media tried to downplay the vandalism and rioting as well as work to deny Trump supporters access to events, they were quick to celebrate the protests on Saturday.  On CNN and MSNBC with coverage was almost non-stop.  It began with a bunch of celebrities make crude and obscene rants and ended with women in pussy costumes marching in protesting of….. showing they are opposed to…. Hell if I know, but it was a bunch of angry looking ladies women.  There was no clear reason for the protest other than to show they were mad and do not like President Trump.  The only other thing I learned is that Madonna is so heavily Botoxed that she would not be able to feel it if you hit her in the face with a 2 by 4, not that I would encourage that behavior.

We are not even a week into the presidency of Donald Trump and the media is focused on demonstrating that they STILL do not get why their Empress Hillary Clinton lost the election, and that they hate Trump and all who support them.  It is gonna be a fun four eight years.




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