Continuing Support For President Trump – The Make America Great Again March

Yesterday I reported on a new group that is working to organize a NEW march, this time to SUPPORT President Trump.  The new group is on Facebook and has updated their group name to “Make America Great Again March.”  This weekend has proven that the biased media and narcissistic celebrities will say and do anything to weaken and damage the Trump Presidency.  They do not care about truth.  They do not care about the will of the millions of Americans that voted for Trump.  They do not care about what happens to the country, as long as they get their way.trump-flag

The goal of this outstanding group of patriots is to organize a series of marches around the country.  Think last Saturday, but for people that love their America.  Where Democrat and leftist groups (redundant I know) carry signs showing profanity, Mexican flags, and dress like vaginas this group will be the exact opposite.  The goal is thousands of Americans waving American flags and showing that the corrupt liberal media and out of touch celebrities do NOT speak for the American people.   This America First group  is marching to promote that our cause is unity, peace through strength, love of our country, love and prosperity for ALL Women and men, the forgotten and for President Trump all while honoring our military and first responders.  To prove they are as far opposite as possible for the hate and anger driven groups that marched on DC this week they are also faith based.


Currently they are working on a tentative date of March 25.  That is a Saturday, since Trump supporters all work for a living!

So what are you waiting for?  Go sign up on their Facebook group!  Share the link with others!  Let’s show the media that this is what America REALLY looks like!



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