Obama: Hypocritical Hacking Hawk

You should never be surprised by the depths to which the Obama team will lower themselves.  In the process of flitting around with no coherent direction for economic or foreign policy, they have dragged the  nation down with them.  As this disastrous 8 years grinds to an end, Obama continues to mystify with his tone deaf incompetence.  Case in point… hacking and cyber security.

For months now we have been hearing the horror of Russian hacking.  We have kicked out diplomats, threatened more sanctions, and moved troops to Poland along the Russian border.  Congress has jumped in too demanding more sanctions and calling this an act of war in the first act of bipartisan cooperation these morons have had in years.  Based on what?  Claims with little evidence that Russia hacked the servers of the DNC.  No details on who ELSE may have done the same.  No way to know that, even if Russia did hack them, the information posted to WikiLeaks may have come from a different source.  Rumors abound that it was an inside DNC source that leaked the documents.  The “damning” content of the emails?  Verifying what the American public really knew anyway.  The party screwed Bernie Sanders because they only wanted Hillary.   Also, they were arrogant pricks who mocked minorities, LGBTQ, and others.  They were pretentious assholes, like all Democrats.


Then there was Edward Snowden.  A contractor for the NSA who basically saw that the government was spying on its own citizens illegally.  This after members of the Intelligence Community LYING to the US Congress that they would NEVER spy on US Citizens in the exact manner that Snowden revealed.  Basically he released what amounted to embarrassing PowerPoints that showed all the nasty things the NSA and others were doing.  It showed a little about how things were being done, but most important what they were doing.  For this he is now in hiding in Russia, the only country that will let him hide there.  So far the Obama Administration has stated there is no way they will grant a pardon.


Now there is Bradley/Chelsea Manning.  Manning turned over nearly 1 million documents to WikiLeaks that were stolen from the US Army.  This included information on people helping the US, people not keen to have their names out there.  This was a massive release of documents that inflamed anger with talk of prisoner treatment and friendly fire accidents, as well as endangering people helping the United States.  Bradley Manning was convicted and sentenced to 35 years in prison.  In prison Bradley became Chelsea.  Now both the ACLU and the LGBTQ community wanted him free.  Of course, a government that was making overtures to war with Russia and had exiled another citizen over less would never do that.  Right?  RIGHT?  Nope.  Showing these is no thought put into these things, Obama has commuted Chelsea’s prison sentence to end this spring.

The Intelligence Community knows that this basically shows how easy it is to betray the country, then get a pardon if it seems politically correct.  Maybe Edward Snowden should become Ellen and he can be pardoned too!






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