Partisan Hack John Lewis LIED About Never Missing Inauguration

First, I guess I need to start with the obligatory praise of Democrat Representative John Lewis for his work during Civil Rights Protests.  Yes, he used to be a man of conviction.  He stood on principle and was severely beaten by Democrats and arrested by Democrats to protest the racist laws that had been put in place by Democrats.  He bravely stood up against the discrimination and systematic racism that the corrupt Democrats relied on to oppress blacks.  Then he became a Democrat, and it was all downhill from there.

Last week Lewis proved how decades in Congress can turn a man of principle into a tired and partisan political hack.  In an interview, Lewis attacked Trump as being “illegitimate” and said that he will skip the inauguration this Friday.  Showing how serious and weighty a decision this was, Lewis then claimed “”It will be the first one that I miss since I’ve been in Congress.”


To partisan hacks like Lewis who are intent of drama and dividing out country, there is no easier way to trump something up than to just plain lie.  To be sure, Lewis lied.  In 2001 Lewis also skipped the inauguration of George W Bush.  Oddly, it is for the same reason that he claimed Bush was not the true elected President.  That was 16 years ago, and the last Republican President so it is not some distant and forgotten memory.Lewis is a lying liar who lies.


It is sad to see a once proud man debase himself publicly like this.  It is not surprising from a Democrat like Lewis, just sad. What do you expect from a man who dedicated his life to a political party that oppressed, assaulted and imprisoned him.  His life is now spent attacking the party that ended slavery and has supported pushing through civil rights at every turn.  As I have said before Lewis is like some sad victim of Stockholm Syndrome.







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