Slick Willie and Crooked Hillary Closing Corrupt Clinton Global Initiative Is Admission of Guilt

For months the corrupt liberal media struggled to ignore any hint of corruption in the dealings of Hillary Rotten Clinton and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) during the Presidential election.  Huge donations from Russia leading to selling off 20% of America’s uranium reserves?  No big deal.  Direct communication between CGI and State Department arranging meetings for large donors. Ho-Hum.  Huge donations from nations that persecute women and members of the LGBTQ community?  Bo-ring.  Robbing Haiti’s rebuilding funds for political and personal gain?  Zzzzzzzz.

Given that the Clinton Foundation is so obviously not corrupt, you would think with the election in the past the Clintons would both be out giving those six figure speeches and building up the Foundation.  If it was not corrupt, now they have plenty of time to reap its benefits.  Now is the time to focus on helping humanity and the world.


Expect that is not what is happening.

It has been released that the Clintons are now letting go staff and preparing to shut down their corrupt money laundering scam.  With no power and access to sell, I guess nobody wants to give money now.  It is easier to try to hide the years of corruption by simply shutting down and hoping the problem goes away.

Here is the extra juicy detail of the filing courtesy of Mike Cernovich.


Any bets on whether or not the media will even mention any of this?  Not a chance.  They all hope, along with the Clintons, that once the fake charity is gone people will forget the corrupt scan and Bill and Hillary will get away with it.





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