Why Did Obama Say Russia was Beaten 4 Years Ago, But Not Now?

Just over four years ago, Mitt Romney said that Russia was one of our greatest threats obamawhile running for President against the condescending king of arrogance Barack Obama.  In typical form Obama and his groveling media crap weasels jumped on Romney as being out of touch because EVERYBODY knew that Russia was no longer a threat.  Putin was so frightened by the sight or Obama in mom jeans and a helmet while riding a girls bicycle that he would NEVER dare cross the United States.  In a Presidential debate to openly mock Romney with a juvenile “The ’80s called and they want their cold war back” line (video below).  So how has Russia gone from such a weak and conquered foe to the greatest threat to our nation in under 4 years?

There are only three real reasons that make sense:

  1. Obama is a lying sack of crap.  In other words, he knew Russia was a problem at the time, but also knew it would not sound as good so her just plain lied to the American people.  Normally such a lie that is bound to backfire would seem stupid, even for a Democrat.  On the other hand it is Obama and his team of douche nozzles that decided it was a good idea to blame the attack in Benghazi and subsequent death of 4 brave Americans on a little seen YourTube video to buy time until after the election.  Stupidity combined with boundless arrogance is a dangerous combination
  2. Obama is just that clueless and arrogant.  The Russians WERE that dangerous, just like Romney said.  However President “I think I am the smartest prick in the room” had not clue.  This is the man who called ISIS the JV team only to watch them build a small nation and launch major terrorist attacks around the world.  Obama has such an extreme narcissist delusion of his own greatness he cannot accept anything negative that challenged how amazing he thinks he is.
  3. Obama was right at the time, but such a flaccid and ineffective incompetent boob that Russia went from collapsing to a a major threat in just a few years.  If you look at the rest of the shit show that has been the Obama administrations foreign policy this looks pretty reasonable.  Maybe they were some threat, or maybe none at all.  However, facing Obama somebody had to step in and take control.  Obama has convinced himself with the help of a fawning and subservient American Press, that he is so special and amazing that his presence alone is all it takes.  The disaster that is world politics shows the failure of this preening blowhard.

The one thing that unifies all three of these options is the complete failure that Obama and his arrogant teem of boot licking flunkies has been his complete failure to accomplish anything positive.






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