Elites Would Rather You Die In Russia War Than Lose Any Power

The election of Donald Trump was once thought to be the death of the elites at the hands of populism and the American people.  Of course, these desperate cowards are not willing to sacrifice their lives in the quest for power and fleecing America for their personal gain.  What we are learning more and more is that they are so desperate to keep power, they are willing to sacrifice OUR lives.

Think I am being dramatic?  Think, REALLY think about what the Democrats and elitists in the GOP are risking just to try one last time to block Trump or at least weaken him.

To do that, they are accusing one of the worlds largest militaries of committing cyber attacks against the US.  They continue to step up the heated rhetoric as their other attempts to derail the democracy fail.  Now increasingly “unnamed sources” continue to step forward claiming more and more damning information.  It is just more “fake news” or vague innuendo, none backed with facts.

It all started with the DNC Emails leaks this summer.  The DNC, desperate to distract from the embarrassing release of emails which contained damning racist comments and talk of derailing Bernie Sanders, started floating the “Russia” story.  WikiLeaks denied it, but the truth means nothing to Democrats.  Soon after, the Obama Administration chimed it.  They admitted there was no REAL proof, but that it “looked like” how the Russians do things.


Now with their loss, they are stepping it up more.

Over the weekend the Washington Post put out a fake news story saying that the CIA now claims Russia was behind the leaks and hacks for sure.  All the “sources” were anonymous.  There is no NEW information, just claims that the CIA has not decided that the same evidence that led the FBI and others to say you cannot tell where the hacks came from, now points to Russia.  Even James Clapper said that the links were too weak.  Of course now those groups are bowing to political pressure to agree with the CIA despite any new evidence.

Part of this is due to the fact that one of the biggest sources of the lies and deception is a typical Clinton shill.  He has long ties to the Clintons and pretends to be a expert so that he can spread the falsehoods needed to keep the Clinton machine running.  That machine is nothing but a corrupt group using people planted in government jobs to exploit the country for money.  They lack any integrity, and are all to happy to do whatever damage they need to the country to keep the cash coming.

At the same time, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks continues to deny that Russia is the source.  In addition, Russia is stepping up their denials and now challenging the US to put up or shut up.

Now is where the desperation of the entrenched elites gets dangerous.  Democrats and the cuckservatives have spent this year lashing out like spoiled teens.  It is all about what they want, how they feel. Like a childhood tantrum, they pay no attention to the risk of their behavior.  Like a child, they go too far.

The first hint at danger was VP Biden in an interview threatening US retaliation.  Like a child that is unable to understand backing down when they have gone to far, the White House chimed in with support of the idea of an attack on Russia.

Then Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is jumping in too.  Always willing to talk tough to try to cover up for his being an old, effeminate man who never married he wants sanctions.   Le’ts be honest, Graham was never a serious contender outside his own mind.  Why would ANYBODY bother trying to hack him.

Now President Obama is also promising retribution.  As the Huffington Post’s celebratory front page shows, the left foolishly is embracing and celebrating this dangerous action.

That danger is what these mindless drones are missing.  They see this as some online cyber game like “Candy Crush Saga.”  In reality it is a dangerous lead up to war.

Think about it.  Whether they are guilty or not, Russia is publicly saying they did not participate in any hacking.  Either way, that means they will have no choice but to respond with a counter attack that is as severe and public as anything the United States does.  Putin and the Russian people are too proud to let an attack go answered, even more so if they REALLY are innocent.

So America launchs a cyber attack, and Russia attacks back.  What dues the U.S. do?  Now it is public and beyond denial.  Letting Russia’s counter slide will be a sign of weakness.  The left still thinks this is no more dangerous than “Angry Birds” so they will squeal like pigs demanding we attack back.

There is the danger.  Continued escalation until at some point, somebody is going to take this to the next step and this will turn into a REAL conflict.  Guns.  Bombs. Planes.  Ships.  Real lives.  Real Deaths.

All this risk, because Hillary ran a sloppy campaign where she arrogantly assumed that the American people OWED her the job of President and would kneel down to her.  The Democrats and Cuckservatives all look at this through a prism that cyber war is not real war, and even it if was they are not the ones personally at risk.  They are playing a dangerous game of chicken against Russia with our lives at stake.











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