Obama Appears on Fake News Show – WTF?

Aside from the big mean Russians, the biggest threat that the left and cuckservatives are whining and crying about these days is “fake news.”  Increasingly it seems that their definition of “fake news” is any news or information that does not agree with the elite and comes from a source that they do not control.  Case in point, President Obama was on The Daily Show last night.


The Daily Show is virtually king of fake news.  Ever since they started the tag line that more Americans get their news their than any other source, they mistakenly think they are real news.  They are not.  At BEST they are like a satirical editorial board.  At best.  More often than not, they are just a smug and condescending group of liberals who preach and degrade their opposition to a captive audience of mindless tools who think, incorrectly, that agreeing with a racist and misogynist douche  like Noah makes them cool.  For the record all it does is make you look like an asshole who cannot tell fact from fiction but is too caught up in your fragile snowflake ego to realize you are a simpering idiot.


All Obama really did was repeat the same weak party lines that he and the Democrats have pushed to their adoring fans with the tone deafness that just lost them an election.  Sign up for ObamaCare. (Don’t)  ObamaCare is great! (It isn’t)  Republicans won’t be able to come up with better tha ObamaCare. (Anything will beat that shit sandwich)  Russians interfered in the election. (There is no real proof, just politicized conjecture)  Then there was the usual race pandering. (Yawn)

Having the President appear on such a pathetic and biased tool of the Democrat political apparatus just gives validity to them.  It also shows that Democrats are no longer a party that cares about facts or their country.  All Obama and his flaccid toads care about is their pretentious self righteousness, power, and fleecing America for every penny they can get from us.

If Trevor Noah is a legitimate news source, I am the New York Times.  Not the Times today, but like 40 years ago when they were a real news organization.







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