Russian Hacking Is Fake News – Washington Post Will Say Anything For Democrat Masters

This weekend The Washington Post published more fake news about alleged Russian hacking that shows they are degrading themselves to a level lower than shit blogs like this one.  This piece of cheap political propaganda thinly disguised as journalism is a veritable text book example of fake news.  The purpose?  To disrupt the election at any cost to try to undermine Trump’s win.  They hope to either steal the election, or leave it so ruined that it does not matter.  Just more proof that Democrats hate American and only love power.


How do you easily tell when something is so obviously fake news?  Simple.  Everything in this article is vague EXCEPT the accusations.  The whole article is quoting “US officials,” “Senior US official” and “agency officials.”  The only people quoted by name are pretty much Republicans saying they are not sure Russia was involved so that the corrupt WaPo can paint them as the bad guys.  It is amazing that the CIA made these conclusions in a “secret assessment” yet it immediately got leaked anonymously right to the most liberal shit bags who would publish it.  If they story WERE true it shows a CIA that is so dangerously partisan that they risk national security to leak stories for political purposes.  WaPo also hedges the lie by saying it fell short of a “formal” assessment even though they are willing to use it as a basis for a politically motivated hack piece.  They also say there is no specific intelligence showing officials in the Kremlin “directing” the identified individuals.”

Of course, the NY Times is also trying to pile on DESPITE the fact that the same NY Times reporting just a few weeks back that the FBI saw no signs that the Russians were involved.

Then add in that both Julian Assange and  former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray have both met the leak and said they are not Russian.

Now Democrats are in a rush to blame a country that is big enough to punch back in a desperate bid to cover up for their loss.  They will do anything to try one last time to steal the election.  They are no longer happy just risking a civil war, but a war with Russia.



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