Hypocrite Media Losers Attack Trump Over Taiwan Call – Ignore Obama’s Worse Actions

Proving they are without either intelligence OR integrity, the biased liberal boot licking media are attacking Trump again.  This time over a phone call from Taiwan.  

The President of Taiwan called Trump to congratulate him on winning the election.  Trump took the call graciously.  Apparently the last time this happened was 1979.  Since our relations with China are airways a balancing act, past Presidents have shied away from such direct contact.  The media went into full meltdown screeching that the sky is falling.

What they neglect to mention is that Obama just completed a sale of $1.83 BILLION in weapons to Taiwan earlier this year.  We have sold billions and billions of weapons over the decades.  No surprise, China does not like it.

So which do YOU think would piss of China more?  Taking a “Congratulations” call from Taiwan?  Or seeking them BILLIONS in advanced weapons?  Unless you are a member of the mouth breathing left, the answer should be obvious. (Weapons.  Derp.)


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