Kellogg’s Isn’t The Only Company Begging For Conservative Boycott

Kellogg’s broke news yesterday claiming that they are pulling advertising from Breitbart because it does not match their “values.”  Breitbart represents the values of millions of conservative Americans who support a strong and successful America.  Kellogg’s represent the values of producing “food” that is is a combination of sugar and chemicals and peddling it to children using cartoon characters to cover for the fact that they have less nutritional value than the cardboard boxes they ship in.

Apparently Kellogg’s are not the only douche-nozzles out there doing this.  So here are a few more companies to boycott.

Allstate – I can see why Allstate would consider themselves better Breitbart.  They are a company who collects money from property owners to protect themselves in the case of a problem, them work extra hard to avoid actually paying out on claims.  Besides, I am sure SJWs living in their parents basements and hitching Ubers have much more need of their services than conservatives who drive to work every day to pay for the houses.


Using their “Good Hands” to jerk off the left

Warby Parker – Most of you are probably saying “Who?”  To know much about Warby Parker you need to meet to criteria.  First, you need to have bad eyesight and wear glasses.  Second, you have to prefer wearing glasses that make you look like a hipster douche bag.  If you have good vision or don’t want to wear glasses that scream “Punch me because I am a huge tool” then this company is not for you anyway.


Tell me you don’t want to punch this jack wagon

Novo Nordisk – This Danish pharmaceutical company may be the hardest one to argue against.  Libtards are always saying Breitbart (and conservatives in general) is antisemitic and a bunch of Nazis.  Denmark is famous for collaborating with the Nazis during most of World War 2, so they would know if we all really are Nazis.  They also make a product called Vagifem which I assume has a huge market with the beta males on the left.


Novo Nordisk staff meeting

By the way, so far 125,000 people have signed the Breitbart petition against Kellogg’s.  Let’s make these all feel some pain.




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