Anti-Trumpers Burn Down Veterans Home, Try Others

Ah the compassionate and tolerant left.  Tolerant and compassionate as long as you march in goose step to their beliefs.  When they do not get what they want they throw bratty temper tantrums and protest, riot, and vandalize.  Now we can add to the list burning people houses down in Florida.


In Plant City, near Tampa, the home of Navy Veteran Matthew Smith was ruined by flames and had anti-Trump graffiti painted inside and out.  According to Matthew’s wife Brittany, “We supported Trump from when he started running for office.  We never made it public. We never had a sign in our backyard, so no one really knew we were pro Trump.”  However, Matthew says he’s been very active on Facebook with posts supporting Trump and other conservative causes.  They Smith’s also proudly display the American flag, the POW flag, and the Navy flag in the front of their home.  Luckily the Smiths were at a relatives house at the time of the arson so their were no injuries.

This is not the first time this area in Florida has had similar problems, and investigators are looking into any possible connections.

Earlier in November in the nearby town of Mango there were multiple homes vandalized, and one home that arsonists attempted to set on fire.  According to Diedra Russell,”My husband came out at about 1:00 to have a cigarette before bed and noticed the inside of the house is glowing orange and it’s on fire.” Investigators said the same criminals are believed to have vandalized two other homes with anti-Trump graffiti.  On one of those homes they painted “Burn everything” along with “BLM” for Black Lives Matter.



This is the new Democrat party after 8 years of Obama and a campaign by Hillary Clinton highlighted by race baiting, fear mongering, division and lies.  After months branding Trump and his followers as Nazis and racists, the mouth breathing idiots who support the Left feel justified in all their actions.  Now they are going so far as to destroy homes and risk the lives of innocent people.



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