So Much Winning With Jobs And Trump Is Not Even President Yet

During the election Trump said that with him as President we would win so much we might get tired of winning.  “We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with the winning.  Believe me, I agree, you’ll never get bored with winning. We never get bored. We are going to turn this country around.”  Trump won.  Even without him as President yet  we already are winning on jobs and trade.


Last night Carrier announced that they will NOT be closing their plant in Indiana and sending the jobs to Mexico.  This plant closure was ignored by Democrats, but a major talking point for trump during his entire campaign.  With a new “Negotiator In Chief” preparing to take office, Trump was able to work with Carrier and the State of Indiana to hammer out a deal to keep those 1,000 jobs in America where they belong.

Two weeks ago Ford announced that they would not be moving production of Lincoln SUVs to Mexico.  Ford had planned to keep the plant running, but move the SUV line to Mexico.  Now there will be no moving.

Apple is the embodiment of pretentious liberal preening in a company.  They are also a poster child for manufacturing products in China to support obscene profit margins.  Now, Apple is asking that their manufacturing contractors look to opening at least partial production back here in the United States.

We are not a month after the election, and Trump is already showing what can be done when the even the President Elect uses his position to work to HELP the AMERICAN WORKER and not simply allow companies to do whatever they want as long as they keep giving political donations.  So much winning already.  Imagine what things will be like after Trump’s Inauguration!

Emperor Trump







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