Kellogg Pulling All Ads From Breitbart – Don’t Want Business From Deplorable Americans

I am nomrally not one to call for a “boycott.”  However, when a company chooses to turn it’s back on conservative Americans based on our beliefs I do favor turning our collective MILLIONS of backs on them as well.  Such is the case with Kellogg’s ,who has announced that they will no longer advertise on conservative news site Breitbart.

According to Kellogg’s spokesman Kris Charles “We regularly work with our media buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company.”  Apparently conservatism does not align with the views of a company that pushes “food” made primarily of sugar and low grade by-products on children using cartoon characters to cover up the complete lack of nutritional value.


I guess we are too deplorable for the likes of Kellogg’s and Ms Charles.  Apparently the basement dwelling snowflakes burning flags and rioting are more their market.  A bit funny since most SJW types seem more into Whole Foods and organic everything.  It is all those white supremacists in fly over country who read Breitbart and used to buy Kellogg’s food, but not any more.

Personally, I will no longer buy any of the processed crap they pass off as “food.”  I also HIGHLY recommend contacting Kellogg’s and their spokes person.







Breitbart now has a petition online


As of 7:20 EST #DumpKelloggs is trending number 1 in the U.S. on Twitter as calls for a boycott grows 


One thought on “Kellogg Pulling All Ads From Breitbart – Don’t Want Business From Deplorable Americans

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