Democrats And Media Flunkies Take Trump Bait- Get Trolled By Flag Burning Tweet

Yesterday Trump posted a tweet in response to the recent incidents of burning the American flag.  This has become a staple of the sniveling babies protesting Trumps election because it is not what they want.  After all, their mommy always tells them they should always get what they want when she tucks them into bed in the basement at night.  Flag burning has also come up in the news recently at Hampshire College (mascot the “Fighting Snowflakes”) where the “school” is no longer flying the American flag at all following students whining and burning of flags.

Here is the now infamous tweet:


First and foremost is the howls of outrage by Democrats and Hillary’s old lackeys in the MSM that this is obvious proof that Trump does not know the Constitution.  You cannot possibly have a law against flag burning.  Anybody who would ever consider such a law is obviously unfit for the role of President.  A law just like the one that their exiled empress Hillary Rotten Clinton sponsored in 2005 with the Flag Protection Act.  That law called for  punishment of up to one year in prison and a fine up to $100,000, unless that flag was property of the United States Government which allowed a penalty up to $250,000, or up to two years in prison, or both.  Notice this has not been mentioned except in the the right leaning media.  Most of the sites pointing this out would fall into what the left are now calling “fake news” because anything they do not like cannot be considered true.

Idiots abounded yesterday moaning of the how dangerous this shows Trump to be that he would enact punishment, possibly without Congress.  Except, Trump did not call for any of that.  He gave an opinion that it should be illegal.  He did not call on Congress to act.  While Democrats are used to Obama acting as a baby dictator with his Executive Actions,  Trump has publicly stated he is opposed to such abuses of power.


Trump is also helping set up the Media and Left for another issue.  Since the election they have spoken of the need to suppress what they call “fake news.”  Such suppression would also be a violation of First Amendment rights.  Who in their eyes will be the arbiters of what news is fake and what is not?  Them?  The government?  Private companies with their own biases?

Bringing this up also forces the media to address all the sniveling little bitches currently burning flags.  As a general rule, no DECENT person on either side likes seeing the flag burned.  Recent protests are just a bunch of pathetic losers trying to be shocking with no actual goal or objective in sight.  This has brought attention these spoiled brats who still nurse off their mommy in their 20’s and their pathetic behavior from all sides.  It  also highlights for Trump’s committed supporters the kind of pathetic snowflakes that are against Making America Great Again.

Desperate for anything to bitch and moan about, the media and leftist losers took Trump’s bait.  They seem to have already forgotten that this came back to bite them in their flabby asses every time they tried over the course of the election.  I am sure this will not be the last time.





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