Anti-Gun Democrats And Left Rush To Exploit Ohio State… Screw Decency Or Even Facts

Yesterday a Somali Muslim attacked students at Ohio Sate leaving 11 injured.  Not wanting to let a crisis go to waste, Democrat politicians and general Libtards rushed to judgement about the need for increased controls.  Rush being the key term, because these mindless cuckolds did not bother to wait and see if a gun was even used.  The only gun used turned out to be the by the police officer who put down this Islamist excrement.  The killer used a car and a knife.  No word on if Democrats have plans to call for a ban on vehicles and cutlery.

First in our parade of idiots is Vice Presidential loser, Senator Tim Kaine.  He was saddened by the act of gun violence.  I am saddened that the good people of Virginia elected this creepy looking idiot who appears more focused on pushing politics than facts.  Speaking of morons, Sheila Jackson Lee also piled on.  This imbecile is best known for such quotes as “You know that I’m going to, first of all, denounce the utilization of this intrusion of Wikipedia, through the Russian intrusion,” when talking about the WikiLEAKS hacks as well as favorites like “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together.”


Of course a variety of left leaning jack wagons also rushed to judgement.  What is amazing is that the ones below are all people who are actually Twitter verified accounts pushing the ever feared fake news.  These brainless twits are allowed to post their mindless drivel, while people like Milo Yiannopoulos are banned from the site simply because the San Francisco inbreds running Twitter oppose their politics.


In the end, ten innocent people were hurt.  Luckily the only person to die is the one who deserved it.  However, there is no excuse for the rush from the left to politicize the event in their desperate attempts to take away our Second Amendment rights.  They did not even wait for the body of the Mulsim coward to grow cold before they screamed for more gun control.  Screw facts.  Screw human decency.  Say “Hello” to the Democrat Party of 2016.




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