Lying, Biased, Anti-Trump CNN At It Again About Protection For New First Family

CNN is so out of control with their constant spewing of bile at Trump, they are to the point they can no longer control themselves.  They can also no longer be bothered to tell the truth.

A story just out discusses that the U.S. Secret Service may need to rent space at Trump Tower for protecting the first family.  While speculating on the potential costs CNN says “What is also unprecedented is that the building is owned by the Trump Corporation so the USSS would be renting the space from Trump’s company for protecting him and his family.”
The costs are speculative at this point.  The article even admits the people they talk to don’t know the potential costs, and aren’t people who would be working on it.  That does not stop CNN’s incompetent “reporters” from spitting out numbers and feigning outrage.

The BIG lie is the “unprecedented” comment.

Joe Biden charges the Secret Service for use of a freaking guest cottage on his property.  Not actual commercial real estate with real value, like Trump Tower.  A dinky POS guest cottage.

The biased article written with all the professionalism of a high school news paper does brush over the fact that the Secret Service has haf similar costs when other Presidents travel on vacation or have homes they travel to. They also briefly mention “VP Joe Biden has a habit of traveling back and forth between Washington and Wilmington, Delaware, several times a week, which has increased costs of his protection.”  

No outrage.  No stories on the cost of that.  Hell these are all things with known cost, not speculation, but they don’t mention any of those costs.

Dishonest CNN.

Disgusting CNN. 

Biased CNN.

Boycott CNN.


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