Dishonest Media Attacks Trump But Loved Obama Ditching Press Pool

According to our corrupt “friends” in the Mainstream Media this week Donald Trump set an unprecedented level of horrible behavior just shy of a war crime for…. going to dinner alone with his family.  The media has whined and wailed about this horrible breach of protocol and how it shows the dangerous trend of an unprecedented lack of transparency.

What they are not mentioning is that President Obama did something very similar during his transition when he took his daughters to am aquatic park and ditched the press pool to do so.  Back then, the press either paid it no mind, or even mentioned how it showed how is is such an intensely private man in a positive fashion.  No cries that it would mean the end of the Republic.

If the media wants to regain trust, this is not the way to do it.  Showing such painful and unbalanced attack reporting just reminds us why we hate them and gives Trump reason to avoid dealing with them.

First, lets look at the screaming clowns at Huffington Post.  I know they barely qualify as anything more than an overblown blog, but stupid people do listen to them.


Next up is the NBC “News.”  They show terror at the horrible actions Trump has committed, but barely gave it a casual mention for Obama.



Over at the Clinton News Network, they decried both Trump ditching the press pool and discussed the “backlash.”  For Obama they just discussed a fun trip to an aquatic park with his girls after “slipping away” from the press.



Remember when the New York Times rededicated themselves to honest reporting?  That was way back…. 4 days ago.  Well, apparently they will be making those changes in the future.  For now they are sticking with showing all the professionalism of a high school news paper.    For Trump it was a flurry of whining articles about “breaking protocol” and his team doing better next time.  For Obama it was a humorous headline about Obama making a break for it and his being an intensely private public man.



Here is a crazy thought, maybe if the media did their job and reported the news in a balanced, honest fashion Trump would not have the desire to ditch them.



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