Attacks on Bannon About Old Fashioned Leftist BS Not Racism

After spending 8 years screaming “racist” at anybody who dared disagree with liberal cult icon President Obama, the left does not have anything else in their playbook.  Trump is a racist.  Odds are if you are reading this they consider you a racist.  Now their attack at Steve Bannon is that he is a racist and antisemitic.


Anti-Semite so pathetic, desperate and ridiculous as to be almost funny.  First, because the far left has become so anti-Israel and antisemitic themselves that they reek of anti-antisemitism almost as bad as they reek of patchouli oil.  Second, their whining cries of anti-antisemitism at Bannon come from his work at Breitbart.  Breitbart which was started by genius conservative firebrand, and Jew, Andrew Breitbart.  Bannon helped Andrew start the company along with Breitbart’s long time friend, and Jewish person, Larry Solov.  Breitbart features amazing talent who also happen to be Jewish like Joel Pollack, Aaron Klein of Breitbart Jerusalem, and helped start the career of diminutive Ben Shapiro before he drank the #NeverTrump Cool-Aid and lost his little mind.

Things are so crazy that hardcore liberal Democrat Alan Dershowitz has even come out saying that the left is being ridiculous.

The left points to recent statements from the Anti Defamation League (ADL) accusing Bannon of being an antisemite as their defense.  The problem is the once proud ADL is being led to be little more than another left leaning idiocy group by Jonathan Greenblatt.  Greenblatt is just another morally bankrupt Clinton stooge.   After college Greenblatt worked in Little Rock, Arkansas on Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign in 1992. Greenblatt then joined the administration as an aide in the  White House and the Department of Commerce.  After that successful run with one of the most corrupt political administrations in our nations history, in 2011 Greenblatt went to work in the incompetent yet arrogant Obama administration.  No he is able to take the same senseless political ideology and desire to only attack rather than build and improve to the ADL.


The Democrats and all their corrupt elitist hangers-on were dealt a damaging blow last week.  Now they are blindly attacking with the same tired ideology and insults in their death throws as they try to hang on.  That a select few of their mindless followers believe them, thus meaning they are doing incalculable damage to the Republic means nothing to them.

The fact that Lefts attacks on Bannon are so desperate show that Trump picked the right man.  The Democrats are desperate and afraid.




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