Emails Found On Weiner Computer More Proof Hillary Lied And Destroyed Evidence

A new and interesting development in the Hillary Emails is being reported, sort of.  CBS News is reporting on new emails being found by the FBI.

According to the FBI they have found emails related to Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state on the laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, the dick showing pervert husband of Hillary’s assistant Huma Abedin.

According to CBS News’ Andres Triay these emails are not duplicates of the ones on Secretary Clinton’s private server.  At least the ones she turned in before having it wiped out with Bleach Bit.  CBS says it remains to be seen whether any of these emails are significant to the FBI’s case against Crooked Hillary.

Here is my point that the Hillary protecting media is skipping.

Who cares?  Who fucking cares?

It means Hillary lied.  Hillary destroyed evidence that was supposed to be turned over.  They were on an unsecured, unprotected computer sitting in the apartment of a pervert sexting with children.  Hillary broke the law.  What else did she delete?  What else did she lie about?  What other laws did she break?  What will be done about her destroying evidence, whether it is relevant to the case or not?


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