Podesta Email Hacker Identity Revealed: Podesta’s Stupidity

WikiLeaks has revealed who is really to blame for the John Podesta emails.  It is not the Russians, it is the mind numbing stupidity of John  Podesta.


We have ALL gotten bogus emails phishing for passwords.  You get them for bank accounts, email, all sorts of things.  Anybody who is even half intelligent knows to go directly to the web site, not following the link in the email.  In some cases, old people like me actually call or contact customer services at the company directly.   Podesta’s own IT people sent him the CORRECT good link to use, but he still followed the bogus one instead.  Only an true moron not only goes to the phishing link, but actually ignores correct information from their own IT team to do so.  Podesta is a special kind of stupid.

Of course, there may be a good reason Podesta was in such a rush.  Anonymous sources in the Clinton Campaign say Podesta had also been contacted by a lawyer in Nigeria who was looking for help getting money out of the country for a prince.  Podesta has an opportunity to make a FORTUNE on this one.

Here are the emails, and the direct link.





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