Hillary’s Bullies Assault Homeless Woman For Liking Trump

Hillary and the Democrats have created a culture that celebrates bullying.  All you have to do is disagree with Hillary and you are open to bullying, violence, vandalism and more. 

In Hollywood a Hillary Brown Shirt destroyed public property by destroying Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Once the star was repaired, a homeless woman began camping out to protect it.

To Hillary’s Bullies, nothing is of limits.  Their only possible response was to terrorize and assault this homeless woman.  Notice the other people happily recording this attack.  You can also hear this human trash calling her “bitch” and screaming “Where is Donald Trump to save you now.”

Tis is only one recent example.  I have pointed out many others before.

How can any decent American support Hillary knowing this is considered acceptable by the bullies who support her.  

A vote for Hillary makes you no better than thugs who would attack a homeless woman.


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