#DraftOurDaughters Shows Hillary’s Dangerous Foreign Policy Outcomes

Hillary and the Democrats are playing a dangerous game.  Rather than deal with their sloppy cyber security, they keep upping the ante in blaming Russia for all of their mistakes and corruption.  Never mind that Russia has denied involvement.  The Democrat party under Obama and Hillary is willing to escalate tension to a Cold War pitch to avoid discussing the embarrassing content of leaked emails.

Combine with that Hillary’s state desire to establish a No Fly Zone over Syria.  A No Fly Zone in an area where the Russians have been flying combat air patrols.  A No Fly Zone that will require us to face off with Russia.  A Russia that is not likely to work with us because of our governments heated attacks to cover up their email scandal.

Also add in that Hillary has stated that she wants women to be registered for the draft.

Put it all together and you have a recipe for a new World War.  A war where women will be called to fight on the front lines.  A war where women will therefor die on the front lines.

This is all being brought to peoples attention through #DraftOurDaughters.  These mock Hillary ads highlight the dangerous course this war monger is taking us on.  They combine the same imagery and liberal idiocy already used by the Democrats making them frighteningly believable.

Is this what we want?  A President with a history of failed engagements in Libya and Syria.  A President willing to risk the safety and security of our country to cover up their own scandals.  A President with a LONG history of scandals to be covered up.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for a new Cold War, if we are lucky.  Are we willing to send Americans off to die just to help cover up Hillary’s scandals and mistakes?

You can find a LOT more of these memes here.


One thought on “#DraftOurDaughters Shows Hillary’s Dangerous Foreign Policy Outcomes

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