Draft Our Daughters Part Deaux

The hashtag #DraftOurDaughters has gone completely viral.  I first wrote about it because it really does give a feel for the dangerous direction Hillary and the Democrats want to take America.  They are willing to anger a nation like Russia that can be a major threat to our safety, just to divert attention from an embarrassing e-mail scandal.

This meme campaign has proven to be an amazing use of satire to make a point.

Many of the ads use the same sort of liberal nonsense terms that you would expect to see on any Hillary campaign advertisement.  Lots of Social Justice talk that goes along with Democrats social engineering in the military.

The really scary part is that they seem TOO realistic.  The Russian and Syrian reference go along with Democrats rhetoric against Putin to divert attention from their e-mails scandals.  Plus, Hillary has said she wants to create a no-fly zone over Syria where Russia is flying air patrols.

Snopes has even had to address the memes and list them as “False” because so many people thought they were real.

Hopefully they will be thought provoking enough to make people think twice about what Hillary and the Democrats are saying.

This an all too realistic image of what could happen.  It can be avoided, and Hillary voters need to be reminded of this.



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