Hillary’s Health Faltering Already With No Debate Break?

For the past month Hillary has taken off long stretches every week to focus on “debate prep.”  Before that, she had been showing more and more signs of illness and physical problems with the greatest example being her passing out at the 9-11 Memorial.  There were also numerous coughing spells, spitting unidentifiable crap up during rallies, evidence of staff holding her up, her eyes  crossing, evidence she may have to use a catheter, chairs being required because she could not stand through rallies, and more.  There were some items that came up earlier this week that the problems may be resurfacing.  Yesterday in Florida, after just over a week of campaigning, Hillary started to show signs of trouble again.

At a rally in Lake Worth Florida, Hillary was not able to take a SINGLE STEP without an aide rushing in to her assistance.

Then leaving town pictures were taken of Hillary boarding her plane.  She looks wiped out.  She appears to be leaning heavily on the hand rail to pull herself up the stairs.  In one picture she appears to be in pain.


Will Hillary even be able to make it to election day without a serious and public health problem?  If she does, will the media try to cover it up like everything else they do to protect their chosen candidate?

Hillary is corrupt.

Hillary is a liar.

Hillary is a bully who labels and divides Americans while hiring thugs to create violence and anarchy at her opponents rallies.

Hillary is sick and not even physically fit to serve.

We HAVE to elect Donald Trump.





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