Hillary’s Democrats – Bullying, Vandalism, Violence

Every supporter of Hillary Clinton needs to be asked a few simple questions.  Do you support bullying?  Do you support using divisive rhetoric to divide Americans and turn us against each other?  Do you support using violence against those you disagree with simply because of their opinion?  Do you support destroying the property of those you disagree with?  Do you want to give the type of person who does want all those things the power of being President of the United States.

Make no mistake.  Voting for Hillary is voting for all these things.  You are rewarding her for every bad thing she has done, and that she has had people do on her behalf.  You are saying you support the idea of bullying others and committing violence.  You are making yourself part of that problem.  This phenomena of #Hillbullies has been well documented on Twitter by Scott Adams as well as on his blog.



Hillary And DNC Hiring Agitators To Create Violence

Bullies rely on violence and fear to intimidate their victims.  For months we have seen violence at Trump rallies by protesters targeting his supporters.  Everybody knew in their hearts that this was being pushed by Hillary and the DNC, but we also knew professional liars would never admit to it.  Then came the Project Veritas Action videos.  In them Democrat Operatives brag about their close ties with the Clinton Campaign and the DNC.  These paid Democrats discuss daily calls with Hillary and the DNC to go voer on the ground action.  They also brag about hiring and training people to go out and stir violence and cause “anarchy” in these ground actions.  They even say they hire the mentally ill for this purpose.

What is even more important is that by sending people out to create these violent confrontations they are creating an atmosphere of violence for others to act on.  They admit to causing the massive riot in Chicago that left two police injured.

It is this culture that justifies and encourages violence that makes it so dangerous.

Hillary Speech – Language of Division and Hate

Bullies single people out and use words to belittle and hurt.  Hillary has a long record of attacking people.  Black men are “super predators” who need to be “brought to heel.”  Bernie supporters and millennials are “basement dwellers.”  Trump supporters are “deplorables” and “irredeemable.”   Her supporters rally around her calling everybody who opposed them “Racist.”  They have also hopped on to terms like “NAZI” and “fascist” even though it is VERY obvious they do not truly understand the meaning of these words.

Belittling people and branding this with terms like “racist” also help to minimize your opponents to make it more justifiable to commit those acts of violence.


Celebrating Vandalism


The cliche of a grade school bully is the kid that steals their victims notebook or lunch and destroys it.  The internet and news are full of stories of Hillary supporters stealing Trump signs, vandalizing cars of Trump supporters and more.  These Democrat followers are encouraged by the example set by Hillary’s negative and divisive language and the acts of violence caused by Hillary and the DNC’s paid political operatives.  Recent stories include Donald Trumps star on the Hollywood Walk being vandalized by a Hillary supporter who claims he had no choice because of the things he feels Trump says.  In Hillary’s world that is all it takes.

Biden Preaches Bullying

Granted, Joe Biden is a arrogant jerk who pretentiously tries to aggrandize himself every time he opens his giant pie hole.  He now says he wants to take Trump “behind the gym” and beat him up because of what he has said.  Again, words like these have consequences in approving of and encouraging violence.  The Vice President of the United States is telling his supporters that it is acceptable to resort to violence if you do not like the words of another person or disagree with them.  It is acceptable to hurt a person simply for being different.


This is the Democrat Party of Hillary Clinton.  Instead of unifying America she seeks to divide us.  She so demonizes her opponents that her followers feel violence, vandalism and other harm is justified.  She reinforces that by paying people to go out and commit these types of actions.  She wants us to be afraid to stand up to her and let her bully us and force us to her will.

These are the actions of basic grade school bullies.  They cluster together, singling out anybody they perceive as different.  In this case, it is based on political beliefs for the most part.  However, they also grab on to statistics claiming that they are more educated or from better parts of the country.  They feel they have more elite and prestigious jobs.  It does not take much for a bully to justify their actions.  Like many bullies they gravitate around one lead bully.  In this care, that bully is Hillary Clinton and she wants to be your next President of the United States.  If we allow her, the bullies will only be emboldened and step up their attacks.

There is only one way to silence Hillary and her bullies and that is to hit back by electing Donald Trump.  One way to do that is making sure all her supporters know that they have turned into the sort of bullies they claim to hate.












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